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What we offer

1. Stay informed

Continuously learning and staying informed of new technology and safety standards can help you remain a valuable asset to your industry and increase your job security

2. Community Support

Get support from a community of electricians who truly understand and care.

3. Personal Talent Advocates

A team of experienced electricians personally look out for your long-term career success.

4. Best Companies, Best Electricians

Our algorithms make the smartest matches, but real-life human experts support each candidate and employer, making matches that stand the test of time.

For Electricians

Level up your incredible skills, find your next career opportunity that fits you and connect with fellow electricians in Canada. (for free!).

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For companies

Incredible Skills is a marketplace technology that works with your skilled trades recruiting team to hire permanent, specialized electricians. Our software sources relevant, new and experienced candidates, so your recruiters have more time to interview, collaborate with hiring managers, and close candidates.

What tradespeople are saying

Here how tradespeople are being part of the solution to reach new career heights

I started my career as a construction electrician and through hard work and mentorship, progressed to an Electrical Reliability role at a gold mine. In this position, I am responsible for a variety of tasks including incident energy studies, predictive maintenance, vendor support, and daily support for the department.

Bryan Johnston, RSE

Ontario 309A Construction & Maintenance Electrician.

As a group sponsor, Support Ontario Youth supports, guides, and mentors’ apprentices in the Construction, Industrial, and Automotive sectors throughout their apprenticeship journey. Our goal is to fill the gaps and provide support where necessary to make the reality of apprenticeship training available to those seeking it.

Huong Nguyen, PMP

Director of Operations @Support Ontario Youth

It is hard to start your career when most companies want someone who is already trained and has 3+ years experience. We need more companies who are willing to train and take on new workers.

Dee D. - Apprentice Electrician

With a solid foundation in electrical technology from my 4-year degree as an industrial technologist, I made the decision to transition into the electrical trade and take advantage of the abundant opportunities in Canada. Over the past 20 years, I have honed my skills in the electrical construction industry, encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial installations and servicing.

Zavian Wilson

Master Electrician @ TTC